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These are my personal web pages. Please see the links below for various sub-sites. I am a professional telecommunications and IT engineer working mostly with (Cisco) networks and various UNIX and Linux versions (see my CV link below for more details) and am a Chartered IT Professional (CITP). My background is in electronics and radio with a (CNAA) degree from Robert Gordons University although I started life on a croft in the foothills of Ben Wyvis in the Scottish Highlands.

Outside of my professional activites I am a photographer, radio amateur (Licensed as GM1WCK in 1986 and G0OZS since 1991) and Land Rover enthusiast who enjoys living in the Suffolk countryside near Mendlesham.

I run this site partly as a service to local Felixstowe and Harwich radio clubs and the Vintage & Military Amateur Radio Society, partly as continuing professional development and partly to host my photographic archives. When I was living near Manningtree I used to participate in the Constable Quiz League and still host their web presence.

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