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This document sets out the security policies for the web and mail servers at This is a public document so the detailed implementation of technical security measures is not appropriate here. Please contact the site owner or your e-mail list moderator if you wish to discuss these directly.

Please note that is hosted on virtual servers and backed up on cloud-based storage. As such it is no more secure than the providers of these services. End Users are advised not to post anything containing personal data through e-mail lists or upload any files containing personal data to servers @ This system must hold in order to function end user's e-mail addresses and in the case of list or web administrators a username and password. The IP addresses of all connections to this system are logged and retained for the life of the system or until disk space runs out.

Nothing in these policies is intended to take on the responsibility or organisations using services hosted by to consider their position as data controllers under the UK data protection act and to notify in their own name and implement appropriate security privacy and data access policies for data hosted elsewhere than on the servers.

Server Security Policies

Unix Account Security Policies

Mailing List Security Policies

File / Web hosting Security Policies

End User Security Policies

End users must not: Any user in violation of this policy can expect their account to be suspended or deleted without warning.

End users are advised not to post personal data beyond that necessary for the correct operation of the system to or through servers. Currently this is limited to e-mail addresses for most users.

End users are advised to consider before posting or uploading anything that it will be available to everyone in the list or file hosting community to which they have subscribed, and may be distributed by email or download to personal computers operated by any or all of them. Do not expect that, once posted, it can ever be completely deleted or traced. Any personal financial data found on the system will be removed immediately by the system owner. I don't store my card numbers here and I certainly would not recommend that anyone else does so !

Privacy Policies

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