IMG 0189

Turn Cube Upside Down

IMG 0190

Get Security Screwdriver

IMG 0191

Remove 4 screws down holes at corners

IMG 0192

Unclip controller socket board from pillars
** DONT ** Pull out ribbon cable

IMG 0193

Remove screws holding grey plastic

IMG 0194

Remove grey plastic

IMG 0195

Unsolder the Battery noting + to left

IMG 0196

CR2032 Battery with 2 solder tags not 3!

IMG 0197

Battery Close Up

IMG 0198

Clean up holes in PCB ready for new battery

IMG 0199

New Battery beside old one

IMG 0200

Solder new battery to PCB

IMG 0201

New Battery from other side

IMG 0202

Screw grey plastic back on to PCB

IMG 0203

Clip front panel back on to pillars

IMG 0204

IMG 0205

IMG 0206

IMG 0207

Reassemble bottom cover and refit screws

IMG 0208

TV Connectors

Image taken in error!

IMG 0210

GameCube Video Cable connections

IMG 0211

First switch on

IMG 0212

Set Clock

IMG 0213

Switch off and wait

IMG 0214

Switch on after a while

IMG 0215

Time still correct

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