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VMARS Members only may obtain a free download of the documents on the following list by sending a request stating the filename of the required document(s) to archivist[at]vmars/dot/org/dot/uk.  The request must come from the Email address you have registered with VMARS (The one to which your News sheet is sent).  We will reply with the information required to access the download, which must then be filled into the form on the home page.  Please note however, that while we try to reply within 24 hours, this service is provided on a "best endeavour" basis and on occasion replies may take longer - please be patient, the Archivist has a day job!

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Last Updated 20th October 2022

Ref Filename

Model Base No.

Document Title
2110 2110_Racal_PRM4031_Technical_Manual.pdf PRM4031 PRM 4031 HF/SSB Transmitter-Receiver Technical Manual
4040 4040_Racal_TA4044_100W_power_amplifier_tech_manual.pdf TA4044 Technical Manual for  Racal TA4044 100W Power Amplifier
4041 4041_Racal_AE3007_HF_Active_DF_Antenna.pdf AE3007 Technical Manual for Racal AE3007 HF Active DF Antenna
4047 4047_Racal_TA4034_400W_Amplifier_Technical_Manual.pdf TA4034 Racal TA4034 &.4034B 400W RF Power Amplifier and MA4034 Blower Unit Technical Manual
4243 4243_PRM4041_HF_Transmitter_Receiver.pdf PRM4041A 20W HF Transmitter-Receiver PRM4041A Technical Manual
4272 4272_Racal_TRA967_Technical_Manual.pdf TRA967 TRA967 VHF Transmitter-Receiver Technical Manual
4273 4273_Racal_VRM4555A_Technical_Manual.pdf VRM4555A VRM4555A 100W HF SSB Transmitter-Receiver Technical Manual
4915 4915_Racal_RTJ1064_Test_Jig_Technical_Manual.pdf RTJ1064 Test Jig RTJ1064 for 50W Amplifier Assembly (Unit 3 of the Vehicle Interface Unit BCC567HP) of the Jaguar Radio System
4916 4916_Racal_Matel_2C806_Operating_Instructions.pdf 2C806 Racal Matel 2C806 GP Interface Operating Instructions
4917  4917_Racal_Matel_Assessment_Trial_Report.pdf Matel Racal Matel Forward Area Telephone System Assessment Trial Report
5045 5045_Racal_9081-2_Signal_Generator_Maintenance_Manual.pdf 9081
Maintenance Manual Racal 9081 and 9082 Synthesized Signal Generators
5046 5046_AESP_201_Racal_Masts_Operating_Instructions.pdf Racal 8, 9, 12m masts Racal Masts Operating Instructions 
AESP 5895-C-090-201
5047 5047_AESP_522_Racal_Masts_Maintenance_Instructions.pdf Racal 8, 9, 12m masts Racal Masts Maintenance Instructions
AESP 5895-C-090-522
5048 5048_AESP_712_Racal_Masts_IPC.pdf Racal 8, 9, 12m masts Racal Masts Illustrated Parts Catalogue
AESP 5895-C-090-712
5049 5049_AESP_821_Racal_Masts_General_Instructions_Index.pdf Racal 8, 9, 12m masts Racal Masts General_Instructions and Index
AESP 5895-C-090-712
5068 5068_Racal_9916_Maintenance_Manual.pdf 9915
Maintenance Manual Racal 9916 UHF Frequency Counter
5271 5271_Racal_VRM5080_Vol1.pdf VRM5080 50W VHF Tank Radio VRM5080C and VRM5080S Vol.1 Technical Manual
5272 5272_Racal_VRM5080_Vol2.pdf VRM5080 50W VHF Tank Radio VRM5080C and VRM5080S Vol.2 Technical Manual
5638 5638_Raptor wiring.pdf RA5001 Racal Raptor Headset wiring diagrams RA5001/1, 6400. 5022, 0025, 
4031 4031_Racal_MA79_Universal_Drive_Unit_Technical_Manual.pdf MA79 Racal MA79 Universal drive Unit Technical Manual