Constable Quiz League 2007-2008 Knockout Draw and Handicaps
Team Group A Home Week Handicap
1 Crown Exiles Feb 24th 0
2 Dedham Sports Mar 2nd 11
3 Bromley X Mar 9th 1
Group B
1 Hare A Feb 24th 3
2 Kings Head Mar 2nd 9
3 Royal Oak B Mar 9th 9
Group C
1 Royal Oak  A Feb 24th 0
2 Crown Mar 2nd 13
3 Case Mar 9th 7
Winner of each group goes through to the final along with the TWO highest runners up.
(Tie breaker questions will be included with the final week questions).
We'll be playing a handicap system for the knock out. Handicaps to be announced.
If there are any other problems with scheduling a home match, please contact Alastair on 07812 564188 and he'll sort it out.
KO final at Dedham on 16th March. Everyone expected.